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Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Tail)

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The active component responsible for the pleasant effects of this plant is Leonurine, which has now been isolated and is being synthesized in a lab, but of course, it's less effective than the actual plant. South Africa made this plant famous, and use is reported among several indigenous tribes who used both the leaves and the flowers of this powerful spiritual ally. The flowers were often added to tobacco, but also act as powerful enhancer for many other herbs.
The flowers are where the most concentrated active alkaloids are, and as you decide on your Wild Dagga purchase, know this:  There are many who offer Wild Dagga Flowers, but it's important to know this that these particular flowers are from the LESS STRONG (and less expensive) variety called "Leonotus leonurus" and not the more portent strain known as "Leonotis nepetifolia."  The stronger strain of Wild Dagga flowers is also called "Klip Dagga" (and this goes for the leaves as well).  This is why we offer more than just one variety of plants; to educate you about what is real about and what is often misrepresented by many unscrupluous vendors on the internet.

Find our WILD DAGGA LEAF, RESIN & TINCTURES article that explains the difference between the two main strains of Wild Dagga.  This particular variety (Lion's Tail) DOES NOT HAVE SEED PODS because this Lion's Tail variety does not grow from seed pods.  This produces a much larger amount of flowers, but as is to be expected, is weaker than the Klip Dagga Flowers that we also offer.

Ours flowers are soft, orange flowers only, hand-picked, with no pods, and already less expensive than anywhere else we have found, but find out for yourself; do the research, find the truth, and decide for yourself!
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Wild Dagga Flowers (Lion's Tail)
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Wild Dagga Klip Dagga (Leonotis nepetifolia)
Wild Dagga Klip Dagga (Leonotis nepetifolia)
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