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Meditation Supplies

Many of the items we offer are essential the world over in meditative and shamanic practice, whether the smudging of incense by indigenous tribes to clear an energy space, or the tones generated by singing bowls by Buddhists to help them penetrate their desired level of reality. In addition to a wide range of herbal products (like the Three Lotus Paste), incenses, and resins, we have meditation cushions and benches, specially selected books from our library of favorite books on consciousness exploration, as well as select singing bowls and other ritual items .

With SAME DAY SHIPPING of HIGH QUALITY products made to EXACTING STANDARDS, we guarantee our service is better and our prices are lower than anyone else, period.

Meditation: What is It and How Do I Do it?

The true definition of meditation is simply this: "The continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature." This can apply to countless things in countless ways. Here at the shop, we all share the belief that there are an infinite number of paths to the same place, and that ritual is simply a personal preference in helping you achieve the mental state necessary to get to the place you are trying to reach. We don't think that one divination system is any better or more effective than any other, whether it's runes or tarot or quiet contemplation or reciting a specific series of chants meant to induce a certain state of consciousness. Choose what works for you; for some, the absence of all ritual is their best ritual.

One of the best ways I have found to start a meditation practice, is to simply sit quietly, listening to something soothing or something familiar. I focus my mind on the music that is playing, and try to do this for at least 5 minutes. If I can be conscious of sitting quietly after that 5 minutes have passed, without having my mind drift and dart in a million different directions, I have accomplished the first major hurdle in meditative practice; sitting with a quiet mind.  But, it usually takes many many sessions to get to this point, so don't lose faith or get discouraged if you find your mind wandering time and time again.  This is part of the calming process, and depending on how many stressors you have in your day, it can take a long time to relax the mind.

My favorite music for this ritual is "Shamanic Dream" by Anugama; available here at the shop, my favorite smoking blend for helping me relax would be, without question, Lucid Blend, and my favorite resin is, by far, Three Lotus Paste, all available here.  Many have reported success with other resins here at the shop; just look to our Extracts - Resins category for a full line of options.
Honestly, to me, ritual is simply a method that helps each individual find his/her way to the same place that we all, as spiritual explorers try to find our way to.  So, there's no "right" way to meditate, and there's no one ritual that is better or worse than another.  Just like the thousands of plant allies we have to choose from, there are even more rituals for meditative practice, so find what works for you, and stick with it.
These human frames are such gifts with such vast potential, and Lucid Dreaming is just one of the aspects of the mind that bring things beyond what we can imagine.  Entire cultures such as Buddhists and Native American Indians have devoted themselves to meditative practice because of what can be found within the spirit realms. - Bodhi