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We've got Artemisia absinthium in multiple forms including its pure herbal form as powdered and cut and sifted, as well as pure herbal tinctures and potent extracts in both capsules and resins.  We are passionate about Wormwood here at the shop, and secure only the absolute best product we can find.  We sample over 12 individual harvests of this amazing herbal product to find the 1-2 harvest we will carry at the shop.

Our Alpine Sweet Wormwood has consistently won for highest quality year after year.
The fresh or dried leaves of Artemisia absinthium (the leaves from flowering tops are the best, by far, and the only type we carry here at the shop) are often simply added to boiling water. One gram of dried leaves per cup equals a standard cup of tea, which is the equivalent of the same drink that was euphorically praised in medieval times as "the important master against all exhaustions."
Wormwood also has a long history of being smoked alone, or as an ingredient in smoking mixtures.  It's perhaps one of most legendary among artists and Bohemians because of the drink "absinthe" that is made from Wormwood and a number of other herbs.  Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec are two famous painters who adored absinthe, but the ones many have have heard about most are Picasso and Vicent Van Gogh.  If one is looking for examples of the effects of absinthe, look to Van Goghs paintings, and especially the ones that have plenty of yellow tones in them.
And the fascination with Absinthe, Thujone, and Wormwood didn't end with painters.  There are plenty of famous writers who felt that this amazing herb helped them pen some of the best-known novels of all time.  Arthur Rimbaud, H.P. Lovecraft, Oscar Wilde, and Ernest Hemingway are but a few of this long list of writers.  Many of them have even written poems in reverence for Absinthe.
Absinthe typically contains macerated Wormwood Leaves, Angelica Root, Calamus Root, Star Anise Fruits, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, Hyssop, and Fennel Seeds.
Dale Pendell, one of the last "beat poets" developed a recipe that he claims is a profound experience beyond any other legal drink he's ever known. We provide a recipe for curiosity and educational purposes only, and do not support or endorse his concoction in any way.
His Absinthe Recipe in full detail is under the Wormwood Dried Herb product description.