Live Plants

Live Visionary, Kratom, & Teaching Plants

We carry a complete line of live plants that have a rich history of use in Shamanic traditions and cultures around the world.  We're so committed to offering live plants that we are in the process of upgrading our greenhouses, and will have vastly expanded our plant offerings by mid-2008.  We not only take great pride in cultivating only the highest grade specimens, we specialize in strains that are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else.  One example is our TWO strains of Kratom plants (Mitragyna speciosa):  One is the coveted and very potent Rifat strain (which is also what Maeng Da Kratom is made from), and the other is a strain that has become known as BumbleBee.

We, of course feed our live plants organic nutrients only, specially blended to optimize alkaloid production.  Please note that while growing any of plants we offer is completely acceptable and legal, cutting, extracting, drying, or making some of them into teas or other magical concoctions or potions can be illegal.  Please know your local laws when making plant purchases.  With that, we offer our plants for botanical specimens only, as beautiful additions to any Shaman's Garden for education and research, and to add very beautiful and specific energy to whatever space they're in. 
We adore all of the botanicals, entheogens, and ethnobotanicals we offer here at the shop, and dream of someday having live plants for every one of the entheogens we offer here at the shop. Until then, we offer what we have space for, and slowly add new plants as we can cultivate them and make room for them.  We do offer a complete line of seeds found in our Seed Bank section of the website, which also has many links to informative articles about growing your own plants.  Most seeds we offer are viable, and since we carefully store our seeds in cool, dark, airtight places (fridges), as well as rotate our stock on a regular basis, you have the greatest change of getting your seeds to germinate when purchased from us.
Growing your own ethnobotanicals can be an extremely rewarding experience, and we sold thousands of Salvia divinorum plants until they were made illegal in many states and other places in the world.  We do the same for every other plant we can get our hands on because, like the folks at, we passionately believe in the preservation of these plants to help keep the sacred knowledge of visionary and teaching plants from slipping into history.

Live Plants...