Customer Appreciation Program

1. WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE for any product we carry by 5%, as long as it is for the EXACT SAME PRODUCT, the other vender has that product IN STOCK, and the item is NOT ON SALE. (We might decide to MATCH the price for sale items at times, though!)  Exceptions: A. Due to the large amount of inferior Kratom showing up on many websites that claim to have the same product, we cannot give the 5% for Kratom products; it's most-likely not the same high quality product that we have to offer. B. We already sell our books and CD's at cost, so we cannot price match book or CD prices, sorry.

2. Customers who order just twice from us can request a Coupon Code for a 5% discount on their 3rd and 4th order. Customers can then request THE Preferred Customer Coupon Code for a PERMANENT 10% DISCOUNT at the shop, from your 5th order onward! - All you have to do is request the code on your 2nd & 4th order.

3. Remember that your purchase with our shop has a DIRECT impact on both helping to preserve our precious freedom of thought as well as helping to save this planet.  Among other things, we have the one-of-a-kind IAmShaman Grant offered for the 1st time in 2008, which will award a $5,000.00 grant to one forward-thinking winner.  Also, we take our modest profits that the shop generates, and donate some of it to worthy (FULL STORY HERE) or we put them back into research, to find you more rare and exotic botanicals from around the world.  This includes unique and exclusive products such as our 3 Lotus Paste made by a real Tietan Monk, who uses the money to help save his temple, or the Whole Leaf Kanna that is grown on our own Private Reserve farm in India, or the multitude of Dreaming Herbs that help to induce vivid dreaming, and so much more. 
We know the value of our customers becuase it is you who allows us to continue our mission, and for that, we are eternally grateful.  Thank you; I wish you much joy and relevation on your owen personal journey on this sacred planet. - Bodhi
Lastly, be heard on our BLOG or order the new Kona Kava Farm Print Catalog for yourself. 
Always speak up, think for yourself, and find the truth.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Complaints

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