Are you an independent crafter of products we might be interested in offering in our shop?  Are you looking for retail outlets for your brand, for anything you can supply us with at wholesale pricing?  Do you have a CD or a book you've independently published that fits with the vision of our shop?

If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Simply contact me; Bodhi, at "shamanelf at shamansgarden dot com" and give me some more details.  We're very particular about the items we add to our product line, but part of our mission is to support independent crafters, suppliers, and farmers.

We've got a voice that over 50,000 people a month hear, we ship tens of thousands of orders every year, and are happy to put postcards in the boxes advertising your book or event or music.  Just send me an email and see how easy it is if what you're offering is in alignment with the vision of our shop.
We started as a group of musicians, artists, DJs and fire spinners who were tired trying to order the exotic botanicals we wanted from online venders, only to find them overpriced and usually of poor quality. On top of that, once we placed an order, it sometimes too weeks to get the product, without any communication from the vender.
I sought to change all that by starting The IAmShaman Shop. It has grown into something more than any of us imagined it could, so we are constantly finding ways of giving back. You can read all about it on the "Our Mission" section, but what this section is devoted to, is giving you, our customer's with creative voices, another platform in which to get your products, books, or music out there.