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Sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide which grinder to purchase.  Grinders are typically made from acrylic, hemp, wood, or aluminum.  There are even a few electric grinders on the market as well, although we have only found one that we like.  Then, there are two piece, three piece, and 4-piece pollinators to choose from as well, and then each of those come in multiple sizes! – So, we offer a short “grinder tutorial” to make your choice much easier:
First, we have tried grinders from virtually every grinder company that exists.  Out of a field of about 23 manufacturers, we found just 3 who had herbal grinders that were up to our stringent specifications, and those are the grinders we carry.  Knowing that, no matter which grinder you choose, you can be assured that you’re buying a quality one.
Next, people sometimes ask, “Why buy a grinder at all?” – That is simple to answer; just like nothing compares to freshly-ground coffee, nothing compares to freshly-ground herbs either.  It not only makes extracting the alkaloids from your herbs much easier, whether it’s to make tea from them, to roll them into an herbal cigarette, to smoke them from a pipe, or to blend them with any other favorite herbs, it allows a more even and consistent form of delivery method as well.
Next, there are 3 basic styles of grinders.  First, is the simple 2-piece grinder.  These are only grinders; they do not have any storage, and they are quick, compact, and simple to operate.  The 3-piece grinders are no different than the 2-piece grinders, but they offer the convenience of a storage compartment.  Many customers have their own places for their ground herbs, but many like having a compact storage compartment for their freshly-ground herbs like the 3-piece grinders offer.
Then, there are the pollinators.  These are 4-piece grinders, and what they do is simple: They save the finest powder from your grinds into a separate compartment.  For any particles to fall to that space, they must first pass through a fine mesh.  So, herbs like Kanna, which have some of the active alkaloids in the form of little crystals, will fall into the pollinator section of the grinder, separating out the most potent parts of your grind into their own container.  These are bulky, they’re more expensive, and the pollinator doesn’t work well with all herbs, but they are nonetheless quite popular.