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Leonurus Sibiricus (Marihuanilla)

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Our growers carefully harvest this particular strain of Leonurus sibiricus at its peak potency, which not only makes for a smoother burning leaf, but gives this carefully dried herb its unique appearance as well. The inhabitants of the rugged and remote mountainous region in the Mexican state of Chiapas refer to this plant as marahuanilla, and they've revered the smoke as a ritual agent for perhaps thousands of years. The English common name is Siberian Motherwort and the Chinese name is yi mu cao.

It's also known as Siberian Motherwort and Chinese Motherwort. It's been used for ages in Chinese medicine as a kind of adaptogen. We find similarities between this herbal product and Wild Dagga, but both offer a unique aroma, and we've heard of those who enjoy mixing the two herbs together (Leonurus sibiricus and Wild Dagga) to create an interesting aromatic synergy. By popular request from our customers, we've worked hard to find the least "stemmy" plant material we could find, and we even sometimes offer it as a flat-dried leaf. Leonurus sibiricus also provides a smooth smoke for blending with other herbs.

Historical use of Leonurus sibiricus (Marihuanilla) is scattered at best. We have looked everywhere to find a definitive use for this interesting plant in shamanic cultures around the world, but have only found vague references in a couple of source texts. We are still looking for more information on Marihuanilla, and will add it here when we find it.

This product is not intended or sold for ingestion by humans or animals. It is sold only for use as an incense or for smoking. WARNING: Smoking anything, including herbal products of any kind, is harmful to the body.
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