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Is Your Valerian Root for Tea or Incense?

As with many of our herbal products, our roots can typically be used in whichever way it is most useful to you.  Primarily, Valerian Root is used as a tea, but we have heard of several customers who burn it as incense, and that inhaling the scent of the Valerian Root as it burns, puts them right to sleep.  Every body and person reacts differently, so it�s open to experimentation, to see what works best for you.

We offer the whole root for two main reasons.

First, there are many volatile oils that, when powdered, or made into a tea, escape the Valerian Root.  Think of whole coffee beans and fresh ground coffee as an example.  Coffee aficionados would never drink coffee made from pre-ground beans, because they know that the richest coffee experience comes from freshly ground beans.  This is the same for Valerian Root as well.

Second, when herbal products are powdered, there is a greater chance for them to be adulterated.  We personally grind or cut and sift every one of the herbal products we offer, to ensure purity and potency, but beware; there are a number of unscrupulous shops and manufacturers who will power a product, and then adulterate it with cheaper herbs to fill out the weight.

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