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I'm Unhappy With My Order. What Now?

We rarely get any complaints from customers, but on the rare occasions when we do, we do everything we can to fix the problem in as timely and fair a manner as possible. We feel that customer loyalty to our shop is far more important than a single botched order. Mistakes can happen, but if you are simply unhappy or dissatisfied with a product from us, as per our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, you may return the product for a replacement or even a full refund. Refunds or replacements will be issued for defective products, wrong quantity, wrong item shipped and/or freight damage.

Full details are HERE.

A refund can only be issued to the card originally used, or to the address and name from which a money order was sent. Our address is:

Shaman's Garden
PO Box 12618
Chicago, IL 60612

Please include a brief note with the item explaining this situation.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you, and thanks for the opportunity to provide you with our products even though you are displeased.

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