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Does Customs Ever Confiscate Packages?

The full question ws a good one: Does customs, regardless of whether the intentional use of the products was wholesome or otherwise ever confiscate packages?  This is a good question, and has a frustrating answer:
As of this writing, we've shipped well over 100,000 packages internationally.  I would say that less than 50 of them have been confiscated by Customs.  More than that have been held up or refused...maybe about 500 in total, and 95% of those simply return to us.  Out of 100,000 packges, that's a return rate of just 0.5%, which is just one half of one percent; not bad in the big picture, but frustrating for that tiny percentage of customers.

The GOOD news is that we offer a 100% Guaranteed International Shipping option a checkout.  It costs a little more than standard International Shipping, but you have the comfort of knowing that no matter what, you will get a replacement package (about 99% of those replacement packages get through Customs), and if that fails (although it rarely does), we will refund your order knowing we did our best.

But again, all of these instances are EXTREMELY rare, so place your order with confidence, knowing you're ordering from experts in getting packages through Customs to anywhere in the world with less than one-half of one percent of a failure rate!

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